5 Essential

Out of all the printed marketing pieces a business will have, the business card is the most essential. Not all cards are created equal, however, and this pint sized marketing collateral is an instant reflection of your business and brand. A card need not be elaborate, but decent quality cardstock and clean graphics are critical. We’ve put together five tips to ensure you create the most effective and valuable business card to help you stand out from your competitors.

1. Start with Key Information

Think about the information a client would need to contact you. Usually, it’s a name, title, phone number, email, and website. In today’s digital age a full street address isn’t always necessary.

2. Keep it SIMPLE & Clean

A business card is a small document and can easily look cluttered. Stick to relevant information that a client would need to contact you, with a design that reflects your brand. A cluttered design with unnecessary graphics screams “unprofessional.”

3. Text needs to be readable

In this case, size matters! The general rule is to have a text size no smaller than 8 pt. Also, avoid ALL CAPS and remember if you’re using reverse type (light text on a dark background) to use a bolded font style. Otherwise, the copy may be hard to read. Go for contrast when choosing colors. Gray type on a blue background can be very hard to read.

4. Use the standard business card size

3.5” x 2” is the accepted standard in the USA for a business card. There are exceptions to this, for example, if you’re in the design or art business, but odd shaped cards can be difficult to slip into a wallet and can be very costly to produce. Ask yourself if an unusual design will add value or if it’s merely a whim.

5. About Borders: Don’t Use Them!

A border may look good in the digital design but once the cards are printed and cut it’s almost guaranteed that the border won’t be equal on all four sides. The card ends up looking like a sloppy DIY job. Your best bet for a high end, professional look is to use a full bleed. Learn more about what the means here.

Don’t leave this important marketing piece to chance. The professionals at Copico can create an effective and valuable design customized to your brand and produce vibrant, quality cards that will allow your business shine. Contact us today to get started!