Tips to Keep Your Direct Marketing Pieces out of the Junk Pile


Even with digital marketing taking center stage over the past several years, don’t forget that direct mail is essential to the overall success of your marketing plan. According to CallRail, “Direct mail garners 7x more responses than digital channels combined!” But how do you get those postcards and fliers to stand out and capture your target markets attention? Plus, you want to keep them out of the junk mail pile! Here are some tips from around the interwebs to ensure you get the most bang out of your campaign.

P is for Printing

printingPacking On printing presses, material, usually special paper, used to underlay the image or impression cylinder in letterpress, or the plate or blanket in lithography, to get proper squeeze or pressure for printing.

Page buffering The ability to spool an entire image to disk and print at one time for uninterrupted flow.